Among the Rebels,” Feature on the American Occupy movement and its Canadian potential, This Magazine, May/June 2012

Health and Medicine

The Waiting Game,” National Magazine Award (2013) nominated story on advanced maternal age, More, September 2012

Clock Watching,” Feature on advanced maternal age, Reader’s Digest, 2012

Staying Alive,” Feature on a brain-computer interface that allows communication with coma patients, Reader’s Digest, 2012

Under the skin,” Feature on the controversy surrounding Lyme disease in Canada, Reader’s Digest, June 2011

Is it all in your head?” Feature on controversial chronic conditions, including chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity and Morgellons, Reader’s Digest, May 2011

Lung on a microchip,” The Wyss Institute’s living, breathing lung on a chip, Reader’s Digest, May 2011

Code STEMI,” New protocol for treating “STEMI” heart attacks, Reader’s Digest, June 2011

Do the “Blue Zones” hold the secret to longevity?,” Feature on the lifestyles of the world’s oldest populations, Reader’s Digest, October 2010

Antibiotics: How effective are they at killing superbugs,” Chatelaine, October 2010

Arts and Culture

Flight School,” Feature on Canada’s booming circus school industry, Reader’s Digest, March 2012

Girl Interrupted,” The story of Pamela Shainehouse and Allistyle, Chatelaine, June, 2012

Blond Ambition,” Profile of actress Charlotte Sullivan, Toronto Life, March 2011

Flavour of the month,” reviews of Toronto’s mega sports bars, Toronto Life, May 2011

A Seminar’s Worth of Creativity in a 400-Second Slide Show,” Pecha Kucha, Utne Reader, Sept/Oct 2009

Ready to Install,” The Vancouver Sculpture Biennale, Vancouver Magazine, July 2009

Hollywood Indian,” Terrance Houle, This Magazine, Jan/Feb 2009

Galore,” Book review, The Walrus, November 2009


Sausage party!” Summer sausage league competition at Marben restaurant, The Grid, June 30, 2011

Hell’s belles,” Toronto Burlesque Festival fundraiser (cover story), The Grid, June 16, 2011

Everybody’s shucking,” Oyster event at St. Lawrence Market, The Grid, June 2, 2011


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